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Afghan Runners

The Oriental Rug Merchant stocks a large selection of traditional handmade Afghan Runners. 
The classic Afghan Runner has a red and black colour scheme, however in this section there is also Afghan Runners woven in the Peshawar Region. The Afghan Runners woven in the Peshawar Region are lighter in colour and are made in a variety of designs including Ziegler, Kazak, and Modern designs.

Please Click on the images/links below for further information about each rug: 

Veg Dye Afghan Kilim Runner 1.96x0.66m
vegdye kilim 1.96x0.66m s 

Veg Dye Afghan Kilim Runner 2.43x0.74m

vegdye kilim 2.43x0.74m s 




Aqcha Bokhara Runner 2.94x0.65m

aqcha bokhara 2.94x0.65m s 

 Veg Dye Afghan Kilim Runner 2.88x0.78m

vegdye kilim runner 2.88x0.78m s

Aqcha Baghi-Shinar Runner 2.85x0.77m

aqcha baghishinar runner 2.85x0.77m s 






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