3.00×1.50m Rugs

The size 3.00×1.50m Rugs are known by the term “Kelleghi”. This is a dimensional term. This refers to a size where the length is twice its width.

This size is in a way a cross between a runner and a carpet. Indeed these Kelleghis are often approximately 300×150cm/10ftx5ft.

Traditionally these rugs were used at the entrance of grand rooms in front of the main carpet (which had runners surrounding this main carpet on three sides). Hence this size are sometimes known as “lobby rugs”.

Rugs/Carpets made in this proportion are Traditional Rugs. In fact, you will discover many are Persian and made around Hamadan. Interestingly, the highly popular tribal Berber Rugs (not the modern copies!) were often made in this proportion.

This Kelleghi size is not found in Modern Rugs or commercially made Rugs i.e. Rugs made for export. 


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