Afghan Rugs

A Traditional Past

The nature of Handmade Afghan Rugs has changed immeasurably and radically in recent years. 
20 years or so ago, Afghan Rugs were very Traditional.
These Traditional Rugs were fundamentally Red and Black Rugs. They were decorated with repeating octagon shaped emblems known as “Guls” (which means flower).
Of course, there were many different types of Red and Black Rug. The pattern and weave related to the specific tribe or village that made the rug. 

Innovation & Variety

Today the variety of Afghan Rugs made is amazingly comprehensive.
All the rugs that you can browse below are handmade with traditional methods.
In fact, much of the wool used to weave the rugs is coloured with natural dyes. The colours of these rugs are simply breathtaking!
The wool used for hand-knotting the pile is typically hand-spun. Most importantly this forms a tough and durable pile that will last for years. Perhaps even generations!


Certainly Traditional Afghan Rugs are still made. You can discover in our stock: classic Red Afghan Aqcha Rugs, Khan Mohamadi Rugs, Fine Mauri Rugs with old-school Bokhara designs, tribal Afghan Belouch Rugs and Ersari Rugs with archaic emblems.

However, you will also find the complete opposite: such as understated Ziegler Rugs with muted colours and faint floral patterns. Also Afghan Kazak Rugs with bright jewel-like shades and strong, angular decoration. 

We especially like the Khorjin Rugs. The colours of these rug “pop”! Furthermore the design fuses traditional ideas with a modern outlook.

The Aryana Rugs typically revitalize ancient Persian Classics with tasteful colour schemes relevant to today’s modern interiors and tastes.

We hope that you enjoy browsing our collection and hope that we might be able to assist you in the near future.

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