Floral Rugs

The Oriental Rug Merchant stocks a comprehensive range of Floral Rugs. This includes Persian Rugs from many different origins and also soft colour Afghan Ziegler Rugs. 

Town/City Persian Rugs

Town/City Persian Rugs represent the most sophisticated form of Persia’s weavings. These Persian Rugs as the title suggests are woven in the towns and cities of Iran.

Persian City Rugs are woven on a vertical loom, and generally feature a curvilinear design. This has been created before the weaving starts by an artist or designer. Indeed, it is the higher knot counts produced that allows for curves to be created within the design.

Persian City Rugs can feature a construction of wool hand-knotted onto cotton, wool onto silk, or silk-on-silk.

The types of Persian Rugs in stock include: Bidjar Rugs, Tabriz Rugs, Isfahan Rugs, Nain Rugs, Qum Rugs, Kashan Rugs, Sarouk Rugs, Tehran Rugs & Mashad Rugs.

Ziegler Rugs

Afghan Ziegler Rugs are inspired by a type of carpet woven under western supervision by a company known as Ziegler & Co. of Manchester (a British company of Swiss origins) in the Arak region of Persia in the 1880s.

The Afghan Ziegler production reproduces the Ziegler designs in colours compatible with modern colour schemes. Afghan Ziegler Rugs are easy-on-the-eye. They are hand-knotted with soft colours made from natural dyes. They create simple and subtle all-over floral designs.

These rugs are made in a range of sizes including: Ziegler Mats, Rugs, Ziegler Runners and Ziegler Carpet Sizes.

Afghan Ziegler Carpets are a classy furnishing choice to enhance a rooms interior decor. This is due to their use of subtle colours and uncomplicated designs.

Amazingly, despite the light colour scheme these rugs are incredibly durable due to the tough nature of the wool pile and wear clean in use.

We hope that you enjoy browsing our collection and hope that we might be able to assist you in the near future.

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