Kilim Rugs

The Oriental Rug Merchant stocks a wide selection of Kilim Rugs available for customers to buy either in-store or online.

What is a Kilim Rug?

In simple terms, a Kilim Rug is a rug without pile. It is a Flat-Woven Rug in which the weft threads form the pattern and the colours. Kilim Rugs are handwoven, whilst Pile Rugs are handknotted. When compared with handknotted rugs, Kilims are great value for money as the weaving time is considerably shorter.  

Interestingly Kilim Rugs can be woven with many different techniques. Often the technique used (and thus the pattern created) is specific to the place or weavers that made the rug. 

Kilims are versatile: they look well in both contemporary and traditional settings.

Variety in Stock

We stock an intriguing variety of Kilims: 
Our Veg Dye Afghan Kilims combine beautiful colours with outstanding value.
If you are looking for colours that “pop”: our Maimana Kilims are seriously funky!
Also in stock there are: Natural Dye Kilims, Tribal Persian Qashqai Kilims, Shiraz Kilims, Persian Afshar Sofrehs, Soumak Kilims, Contemporary Kilims, etc.
Sizes available range from 50x50cm/1ft10 all the way up to 400x300cm/13x10ft as well as Kilim Runners in a variety of lengths.

Consider using an Underlay…

We recommend using a Rug Underlay with Kilims to prevent slippage. For use on a hard floor (Wood, Tiles, Stone, etc) we have found our Superlux Underlay especially effective. The black underside has a non adhesive grip whilst the grey upper has a slight tack which anchors the Kilim to the floor.

To stop your Kilim Rug from creeping on fitted carpet with our Cybergold Underlay. This material is thin and fleece-like. It is slightly tacky to the touch, so sticks to the carpet underneath and grips the Kilim on top.

We hope that you enjoy browsing our collection and hope that we might be able to assist you in the near future.

Customers can purchase these Kilim Rugs & Kilim Runners Online (with Free UK Delivery) or In-Store.

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